Author Topic: AOA ( Airguns Of Arizona ) 2 stage sear ... Anyone try / have one ?  (Read 1126 times)

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Was not finding much on-line about them so figured i would ask here ?

Install guide ( Zoom up more to view )
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Re: AOA ( Airguns Of Arizona ) 2 stage sear ... Anyone try / have one ?
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2012, 09:42:02 PM »
I did buy one late last year and promptly sold it off.

Honestly, for a few bucks more, I feel the P-Rod grip frame and trigger group is a much better value, and you get a real two-stage trigger.
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Re: AOA ( Airguns Of Arizona ) 2 stage sear ... Anyone try / have one ?
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I concur with Larry.  After spending literally weeks fiddling with springs and washers, looking at roller triggers, polishing the trigger surfaces etc.  I finally decided to just try the marauder grip frame mod to get a decent trigger on my 1322.  It is an easy and relatively cheap mod to do, the jb weld mod of the hammer is the only time consuming part about it and even that isn't too hard.  Or you can order a modified solid hammer from Melonnair for only $12 and it comes ready to install.  Crosman does not always have the assembly in stock, the first time i called for it they didn't have it but a week later they did.  And the complete assembly, including everything but grips (you can re use you're old ones since they will fit) and cost only $43.  Install your hammer, bolt up your new grip frame (be sure and hold the trigger back as you tighten the screws) and you are ready to shoot. 

This is not some half-baked mod either, the difference in trigger pull and feel is incredible.  I left my settings bone stock but if you are particular about your trigger, you can adjust it in every way possible vs the stock trigger which has no adjustment.  I hate to be a naysayer or whatever you call it, but there is really nothing you can buy for or do to the stock trigger to make a really significant improvement compared to the p-rod mod.

There's only one wrinkle, if you have wooden grips you will have to cut clearance in the back of them to clear the spring adjuster in the p rod grip.
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Re: AOA ( Airguns Of Arizona ) 2 stage sear ... Anyone try / have one ?
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2012, 07:08:06 AM »
I have one of these installed in a Crosman Custom Shop 2300KT with the older 2-screw trigger frame along with a Don Cothran stainless steel roller trigger.  I have it adjusted they way I want it and I absolutely love it.  I have about 1/16" of first stage that is less than 8oz and the second stage breaks very crisply at 16 oz.  However, between the trigger and the sear, I spent more than the P-rod trigger.  I haven't had the funds to spare on a p-rod trigger since they became available but I plan to do that for my next one.  When I do, I will do a comparison between the two.
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