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.45 rifle shooters...needed.


Ok so here is the deal.  I will be getting hold of some new .457 ammo that will need testing from a particular company.  I am looking for a few shooters who would be interested in doing this.  I need you to show groups and possible hunting pics if you can legally hunt or pest in the coming months.  I should have the test rounds next month.  If you are interested, PM or email me---email being preferable.  Don't be shy.  Should be real fun.  Oh, and this is very much a real request for help in testing these rounds.  I want to have a few testers with different rifles/guns.


Dont see email in your profile. PM sent

     I might just have to get a new barrel for my Talondor, or maybe just bite the bullet (pun intended) and pick up a Texan.


Alright everyone, I got my 3 shooters.  If I am able to then I will get more shooters, but right now 3 is the magic number.  The people I got I have sent emails to. 



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