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CAPOF Server Support Raffle II

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quickster47 †:
CAPOF Server Support Raffle II

Okay all you old and new CAPOF members, once again it is time for another raffle to build up our server support fund for our server bill that will be coming due toward the end of this year.

This time the prize is going to be a goody basket of parts donated by our members.  So, I'm asking any member who would like to donate a part or parts, that would also include pellets and Powerlets, that will enhance any Crosman based gun to send them to me to be included in the CAPOF Server Goody Basket.

I will start the goody basket donations with a 2240 aluminum tube made originally for my 2240 Lite project.

So what we are going to do is this, you make your donation to my PayPal address,, and then post in the donations thread that you made a donation.  I will verify your donation and then your post number becomes your raffle number.  If there is not a verifiable donation then your post will be deleted.

For those that do not have a PayPal account you can mail me your donation and I will take care of posting it to my PayPal account and then letting you know that you can make a post in the donations thread.  I am asking for a $5 minimum donation although more is okay and less is alright also.  We do not want to discriminate against anyone so all donations are accepted and we are grateful for the generosity of our members.

The raffle will continue till the end of September and on the first of October my wife will draw the winning number.  The prize will then be shipped to the winner and the total donated money will be moved to the CAPOF server fund.

Any questions or comments please post them in this thread and not in the donations thread.

I will also take all donors and enter their name in a spread sheet and their donation amount and generate ticket numbers.  Probably just use their name in a hat and let my wife Julie draw a name.


Please send me a PM if you need my mailing address.

Great job many thanks Carl  :-*

Carl is there anyway you can take this post and keep it on top? I had to look through 31 post just to find your Paypal account.  :)

 :-* :-* :-* :-* Let me get into my parts bin and see what I can come up with !! I know I have some good stuff in there !   ;) ;) ;)

  Hey where do I mail the parts to ?? ??? ???  I got a complete grip frame  with the grips safety trigge and all that makes it work ! So now we have a tube and a grip frame ! ;) ;) ;)


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