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State by State sticky?

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Am I missing this?  I know other forums have a few threads or sections that show where shooters are meeting up and/or what's happening in each state/provence.  Anyone else interested in this?  I'd like to do a local shoot somewhere, sometime and it would be nice to meet some fellow CAPOF members. 

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Just go to the map and click on the Additions button at the top left.  You can then add yourself, either as a general location (city, state/country) or a more specific location.

Use "Add Marker - Simple"    You can pin the marker at a specific place or by state or city or country

I like the idea.  We have some information in the profiles, but not everyone, and many that are not specific.  A map and a list would be interesting, but would take a knowledgeable person.

 :-*  I'm in!!!!

Sweet!  Any mod, can we perhaps get a new category set up then with a listing of each state as a sub-category?  That way members from each state or provence can post within the sub-category and set up fun shoots, competitions, or meet and greets? 

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