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My local Wally World had these on the shelf along with the Gamo Silent cat rifles. IMO they need a long barrel to shoot accurately the shot for crap from my modded 1377 but are my pellet of choice from my backpacker carbine/rifle. 10.5gr longer than most other pellets at this weight they also shoot flatter, this may be due to more engagement with the barrel rifling or just the added projectile length. Regardless they shot 2-4 inches higher at 30yards than anything else I have (10.6 Crosman rn, 8.2 Crosman pn and 7.9 Crosman  wc). I have only taken one Squirrel with them but that's due to gun selection not lack of hitting power ( I generally shoot squirrel with my pistol because of short range in the winter)

I tried a tin of these not long ago and found them to be accurate so long as you sort through the tin to weed out deformed skirts and debris inside the skirt.

When I went back to Wally World to buy more I found the only tins they had in stock were full of culls. Mashed skirts were the least of the problems.

I noticed marks on the head that I didn't recognize at first then later when examining a fired pellet I realized those Gamo pellets had been fired at some point and just shoveled into the mix with new pellets.

That's not likely to have been an accident. Someone had to have done this to sabotage the shipment, most likely a disgruntled employee.

I've seen similar sabotage of .177 steel BBs I bought at Wally World many years ago. When I opened the jar rust and fragments of steel and copper poured out. There wasn't an intact BB in the whole jar.
I think these were Daisy BBs and I've heard that Gamo makes most Daisy branded pellets, not sure about the BBs though.

Its a good thing these Gamo 10.5 pellets come in a tin with see through lid. If I find any untampered with tins at the store I'm going to stock up on these. I don't think I'll be ordering any sight unseen though.

I won't order them because the best price I have seen online is twice what I paid at WW....I bought every can I could find last time. I will again because I like them


the Whisper aspect of these pellets is also true I can hear an audible difference between these and a 10.6gr crosman pellet coming out of my 6.5" T0KO can

I was camping gear window shopping with my brother at cabela's and picked up a bunch of .177 pellets including a tin of 13gr newboy's that I am itching to try on a fluffy tailed rat. But the most interesting thing was that they had a single tin of GamoTS10 pellets which look like they come from the same mold as the whispers do. They weight .01gr less than the whisper which is likely the coating....ballistically I don't see a difference. I shot 5 of each at a steel plate nearly 50 yards away with no change in point of aim/impact. I think they make a little more noise but it's difficult for me to judge because my gun is already really really quiet. So a second opinion is probably needed to be sure. That said since noise isn't really an issue and the TS10's were $6 a tin at the time and only $8 on Amazon I may order a bunch

And here I thought the sound diff. was because they're subsonic through just about every .177 out there. My Gamo Shadow 1000 shoots them at 730 fps. No difference in sound between the Whispers and any other pellet through the Gamo, though. POI was a bit lower than POA at 30 yards (sighted in for CPHP 7.9gr).

ETA Could just be the difference using a springer.


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