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--- Quote from: cobalt327 on May 21, 2017, 03:01:52 AM ---And here I thought the sound diff. was because they're subsonic through just about every .177 out there. My Gamo Shadow 1000 shoots them at 730 fps. No difference in sound between the Whispers and any other pellet through the Gamo, though. POI was a bit lower than POA at 30 yards (sighted in for CPHP 7.9gr).

ETA Could just be the difference using a springer.

--- End quote ---

Oddly on my pumpers the Whispers and the TS10 have a higher point of impact than a similar weighted but shorter pellet....I shoot Crosman Premium 10.6gr round head pellets from my pistol and they are significantly lower than the Gamo pellet. I have some H&N Barracuda's to try out as soon as I get a day off as well

Checked Walmart yesterday and found they had a new batch of the Gamo Whispers. These appear to be free of the defects I found the last time I looked.
I picked up a fresh tin of these, though for now I'll keep these in reserve.
Hopefully this is a sign of improved quality control.

The POI of the Whisper is close to that of the Beeman wad cutters I've been using, but far enough from the center that I'd have to adjust my sights to compensate.
I'll test fire enough rounds to see which of my two .177 rifles group best with the whisper and adjust the sight of that gun. The other will be left sighted in for the Beeman wadcutters.
Only one of my .177 38T revolvers will accept the whisper into its chambers without excessive force in seating. That's Frankenstein, its sighted very closely for the whisper so I'll use the whisper in that revolver only. Franky gives a stronger impulse and higher velocity that the other revolver which is a completely stock later production version, so Franky is better suited to the heavier Whisper pellets.

Frankenstein gives excellent accuracy at 25 yards or more with practically any pellet so it can utilize the Whisper's long range performance a bit better.


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