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Enjoy this board. Don't just read, participate aswell.


If something bothers you think twice before posting and don't forget the PM-option. PM's are private!

If someone tuned his pistol and has spent a lot of money doing that, then that has been his discision, you're not to judge that.

If someone tuned his pistol and the result is poor in your view, don't bash/trash, be gentle or don't respond at all.

If you post hunting pictures: only legal stuff, no disgusting pics please, keep it clean. 

If you're against the killing of animals or can't stand pictures of dead animals, do not visit the hunting board.


Feel free to link to other airgun boards in your profile, signature or posts. We encourage membership of several airgun boards.

We don't encourage using a pic in your signature, but if you realy feel the urge to do so, feel free but keep it as tiny as possible. You may use one picture in your signature, max 400 px wide, max 90 px high.

Only one account per person.

Member accounts 14 days old or older with ZERO posts will be deleted.

Pictures can be posted as an attachement on this board, feel free to use this attachment-service, since pics hosted on free picture hosting sites such as often disapear which can render a topic here useless.

If you own a Crosman air pistol or any other airgun that's illegal in your country: do not post about it here since this is a public board and for instance username "KingKong" might be used by someone who's profession is to track illegal stuff. Be advised. In the U.S.A. almost anything goes, in other countries airguns may not even look like a firearm.

Non-Crosman air pistol airgunning: should be posted in "General airgunning", anything non-airpistol: should be posted in "Off topic".

This board is a private initiative: respect those who manage it.

** No politics, No war, No religion **

The minimum age to be able to join this board is 18.

Happy posting,

Your Crosman air pistol owners forum team.

Guests aswell as new members cannot access the for sale nor the wanted section.


--- Quote from: Brutuz on August 30, 2012, 09:43:07 PM ---Member accounts 14 days old or older with ZERO posts will be deleted.
--- End quote ---
These just have been deleted.
If you register please participate.

Will do another check soon guys, if you have a zero posts account please GET POSTING  ;)

** No politics, No war, No religion **


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