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« on: November 21, 2018, 04:37:19 AM »
This is my first 20 shots out of my new CCS 2400kt.
Barrel 14.6”L.W.  .177 cal.
Williams notched rear sight
Crosman premier 7.9gr.hp pellet in .177 cal.
Shot late in afternoon, bad light conditions.
Temp. 53 degrees, wind 15mph and gusting.
Trigger pull was very stiff; it seemed about 10 lb. and long creep in lock time.
Target was standard 5 meter air pistol target.
Range was 20 yards, bench was already set up and I didn’t want to move it, wanted to shoot the new Custom.
Shooting from the Bench.
Shot the target starting at bottom left and moving in counter clockwise direction.
No cleaning patch through barrel, starting with green barrel.
First five shots high right,
5 clicks left and 5 clicks down on second five shots.
3 clicks left and 2 clicks down on third five shots.
2 clicks left and 2 clicks down on fourth and final five shots put all five cutting the ten ring! The one at 12:30 just barely cut the ten ring, but it’s there!
After just 10 shots, my trigger finger was sore and indented by the trigger shoe corner and the very stiff trigger pull.
The trigger and trigger shoe will have to be tuned.