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I have a couple of 13xx's that I'm about done with.  In looking for upgraded barre bands, I found Maverick Custom's versions.  One that is threaded 1/2-20 and the other is a straight through for longer barrels.  Anyone have any experience with these parts specifically or Maverick in general?

Thanks for the info BJ.  I just ordered a threaded band & will post my experience & IMHO product quality.

his parts seem to be well made

I finally couldn't stand it.  Ordered two of the 13xx barrel bands, one threaded and one pass through.  I'll post on the experience too, once received and installed.

Finally got home and had time to open my parts!  They came quickly and Maverick updated my order during each step as well as provided USPS tracking.  They were packaged well and are VERY high quality after an initial inspection.  I haven't installed them yet, but will do that tomorrow and report back on fit, finish, and function then. 


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