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I too received my order in appx 3 days W tracking # ect.
The fit & finish are very well done.  Up to "AC Customs" quality.
The roll pin is a screw/nut design.  Not really a good looking roll pin.  Dave @ Alchemy Air has a much better looking one.  I'll probably use Daves roll pin.  It will entail a bit of drilling on the threaded side of the barrel band.  Not a big deal.... 
I'm happy with the product, shipping time, packing & all. 

Had time to install the threaded sight post/barrel band on my 1377 today.  Fit and finish of the band are excellent, right down to the relief cuts below the fiber optic bead to reduce glare.  How that lines up with Crosman's less-than-stellar QC left some to be desired.  But, some smithing with files had everything worked out.  I went ahead and used the supplied screw-in pivot because my 1377 isn't anything fancy.  On my 1322, I'll use my custom solid steel pin.  I used the supplied drill bit to size the hole for the screw in pin.  That's where I noticed the two holes on each side of my tube don't align perfectly with the breech flat (thanks for the breech, JMJinNC).  But, with a few touches of a round file I widened the hole on the low side by a few thousands and was able to get everything aligned with no play once tight.  I dropped on a Williams WGRS 54 sight and it shoots like a champ.  Clover leafed a three hole group on a green apple at 10 yards as it got dark tonight.  Fun package to shoot and as a bonus, i can unscrew the peep insert and run it open if I choose to shoot it as a pistol - all without re-sighting. 

Installed the barrel-through band on my 1322 this afternoon.  No pics yet, but same fit and finish as annotated above.  Took some minor smithing and file work to get everything to line up.  I drilled out the threaded side of the band so my stainless pivot pin would fit through it.  It's held in by e-clips and I think it looks really nice that way.  Overall, very happy with Maverick. 

I'm also hoping this solves some of my accuracy issues on the 1322.  I think the pump arm hitting the old band was knocking the barrel around enough to cause groups larger than I'd like to see.  They were barely MOS (minute-of-squirrel) before.  Will report back when I get time to put it on paper.


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