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CO2 cartridges

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I just wiped the local wal mart out of 40 pack of CO2 cartridges. They only had three packs  but at $15.46 could not pass up.  Pyramid Air wants about 25+almost 13 shipping.  I was also looking for some of the cheap .22 pellets, but all they had was .177. Will check another town Friday when I visit the VA clinic

Red Rock has CO2 at the best price, and free shipping. Check them out.


--- Quote from: mudduck48 on March 31, 2021, 05:52:42 PM ---Red Rock has CO2 at the best price, and free shipping. Check them out.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, I will have to look at that.I see you have to buy 180 to get free shipping, but that is good.  Now if they do not charge sales tax it is really a good deal.   How do they compare to the crosman powerlets.  I just went ahead and ordered 300, no tax, saved about 7 cents per cart, considering the tax rate here saved me about $21,

I bought 200 a while back and IMO they work great. They also have a safety seal on them. If you leave them on the dash of your car in really hot weather, they will not explode. You bought 300? That is .35 ea, can't beat that. ;)

Yes that many plus what I have will probably last me a lifetime at my age.  I do plan on giving the grandson some along with a pistol to start learning to use.


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