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Crosman "Competition" pellets?


Does such a thing really exist anyplace but on a product page? I'm starting to think they're a myth. For the third time now, I've bought them and sent them back - out of principle. Because what I keep getting are "Premier" pellets. No mistakes. The packages are distinctly different.  ???

You referring to blister box version?  Yeah, they exist, or hope they do, I have one sitting in front of me right now, now that you've asked.  ;)

The Crosman web site lists no 'competition' pellets. If you search the site, you get hits for pointed, dome and wadcutter pellets. My guess is what you have is old stock labeling that has since been updated?

So I sent Crosman an email. This is what came back,

"Per your question, Crosman does not call out Competition - Only Premier Pellets."

I guess that answers that.  :(

I shoot Vogel Green tin Match pellets in my PCP and CO2 guns
and shoot Vogel Oranges in SSP guns....
I find Premiers to be run of the mill cannon fodder


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