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Boards quiet or just me?

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      Just a random question, as I have been out of the game so to speak for a bit since I was moved to Colorado, but it appears that in the past couple of years the boards have gone a lot quieter, and many have disappeared. It even seems here has gotten a little quieter, I have missed out on a lot it seems, as there are now many more big bores, and even full-blown repeaters. I just got tied up in finding a reasonable place to shoot regularly other than local ranges, so I may have slipped into PRS a bit.
Well, I'm back after my favorite hobby again not that I'm dropping the RPS playtime, but this costs a lot less, and I can replicate the same difficulty at shorter ranges especially in the CO wind.


Hi Casey, yes slowed down a bit ...

We are getting tired of answering the same old questions for people who don’t know how (or don’t want to) to their own research.

And the social media is easier for a lot of people.
You'd be surprised to learn that a lot of people do not have a computer anymore, only a phone.
A lot of forums slowed down.
Another forum I co-admin is slower too.
Another forum I admin is as dead as a door-nail.
This forum will stay for as long as I can admin it, it is a great resource that should not be lost.

These phpBB forums sure work better than something like facebook though, as the phpBB forum allows more formatting, inlining pictures, searching, categorizing, etc..  Facebook seems to think nothing more than a couple of weeks old matters anymore.  I'm on a couple of very active phpBB computer-related forums.  I have not checked out GTA recently, because it was so active that using it was like trying to drink from a fire hose, which is why I like this forum for more focus, so I don't have to wade through material about all kinds of AGs I'm not interested in.  I wouldn't doubt if GTA has diminished slightly too.  I suppose Christmas and the winter weather has probably made a temporary reduction in AG forum activity too.


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