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--- Quote from: RetatCDude on December 31, 2021, 01:19:55 AM ---We are getting tired of answering the same old questions for people who don’t know how (or don’t want to) to their own research.

--- End quote ---

Personally, I found this forum when I was doing research. It's a great resource, and put new life into my Crosman guns. I go quiet on this board when I divert to other guns (working on a regulator on the Hatsan AT44, solving a leak, same on the BSA R10), so I go off to other gun specific boards when I can find them. Yeah, we answer the same questions, but we never stop learning, either. Just yesterday I was sorting 9MM brass by headstamps, and found a strange what-looked-to-be-Arabic characters on a casing. Research found it to be a Browning trademark logo - you just had to hold it differently and you could make it out. Learn something every day - pester everyone! Love this board. Thanks, Brutuz, for all your and all the support moderators work, and Happy New Year!  :-*

     Thanks all, and especially you Brutuz for keeping the place alive and kicking. I started here as a newbie and worked my way up. Did I ask some questions that may have been already answered, probably but the group here put up with most of the questions and helped me until I was able to help by giving back. I’m saddened to see those we have lost the last couple of years but I have also still been working on both air and powder guns.
I am getting back deeper into the air side since prices have gone insane for precision shooting on the powder side. That’s not to say precision air equipment has gotten any less expensive you can simply buy a lot more ammo for far less.
I agree some people might only have a phone so if I can help out perhaps making the forum easier for phone users just let me know and I understand that we who are still working full time have much less time but will offer what I can.
Nice to hear some feedback about things and I agree that the GTA can be a lot and if you’re Crosman specific this is one of the best resource’s on the web.

Check back soon,

A adjective should be added - deathly quiet.

When I joined about 6 years ago, there were some moderators and one specifically, that were right onto project questions, encouraging and assisting with dialog and images.   The forum was very active, things were hopping - one could say hot compared to now.

I have been quite less than ideal for the last year or two, but I do take my share of responsibility for not being active.

I got back into airguns only a little over a year ago, when my grandson got interested in shooting. I wanted something easier to shoot than my barrel cocker FWB 124, which when I got it out for him to shoot, had a piston seal that had gone bad, so no go then until I got it reworked.   I somehow discovered the Crosman 22xx series, got on here and some other forums and quickly learned how to modify.  Fast forward, then next visit from my son and grandson, the grandson asked if he could have my 2300s and I said let's wait and see.   My son said ok so last summer I started building him a gun.  I picked up one of the 2300T models, polished the piercing pin as a result of my having one sticking in a cartridge, as a precaution, slightly enlarging and angleing the ports in the valve assembly, adding a power adjuster and putting a 1701p trigger under everything.  Getting all the parts took several months over the summer and gave it to him this Christmas, unfortunately could  not be there to see him unwrap it, but saw him on facetime on our ipad, next best thing.  He was excited.  I learned a lot here, but have noticed that  new threads and replies have diminished a lot over the last year, and yes my postings have dropped off a lot, having built enough co2 guns and really have nothing new to add. The forum still has a wealth of information if one will just look.

Nice to see you back on the forum Casey.  Myself I don't post much of anything anymore but to drop in and see what's going on.


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