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I purchased the grip/trigger combination quite some time ago, so long that I can’t remember any details or owner guide for the grip. I’m hoping that a member will look at the grip, recognize it, and be able to provide me some info. I’ve taken the grip off my rat catcher and found a spring sitting on top of the sear.  I can’t see a use for it but I am less than mechanical and also hope someone could tell me it’s function or whether I can reinstall the grip without the spring 

Thanks in advance - Dave B

Your trigger/grip was made by a guy that went by the name of Blue Fork. I've never owned one, but there is no reason I can think of to have a spring that is trying to disengage the sear from the striker.
My advise, take off the rubber grip and have a look at what is going on I doubt that spring belongs there.

Thanks for the info. I’ve looked at their new website and asked them the question about the trigger. By the way, I’ve separated the grip and trigger. The trigger is milled out of a single block of aluminum - there are no cavities under the sear where that spring could go so you and I and a friend all agree that it has no function where it is. This looks like single stage trigger where you can adjust the trigger length of travel using the Allen headed screw on the top of the trigger. Tight place to work and I’ll have to get a straight Allen wrench to tune the trigger once on the tube. Am I going in the right direction.  Thanks again

Looks like it might be a Crosmods lower from around 2010-13.


I have 2 Blue Fork trigger assemblies.


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