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Stopped back in today to see if there is any thing new going on and I have a couple of questions/comments.

The board seems real quiet - is this function of winter or that there are no new mods to complete?

I’ve written a couple of emails to Crosmods about my trigger grip sold by them but have heard nothing in reply. Does anyone know if they are still in business? If so, their evident lack interest to customer queries is a strange way to build a business so I’m done with them. I bought a new spring at Ace Hardware and will work on cutting it down to the right length and mounting the grip.  Will update this board with results.

In contrast to Crosmod is this new site called I bought a couple of items and was super pleased with their prices and the free shipping. Items were 3d printed and are pretty nicely done

The site can be viewed, but it has not been functional for a long time.


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