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38T rear sights


I've been hunting high and low for a couple of old style steel rear sights for two of my 38Ts. I haven't caught so much as a whiff of them anywhere. Does anyone have a couple of sets, or even just one set, that they will sell to me? Its the longer sight I am after, not the short plastic one like the newer guns.
John D.

Good luck. How about this?
Vintage Crosman 38T Air Revolver Pistol Rear Sight

Here are some more, these are in Canada.
Crosman 38T 38C rear sight. 3 Dot Style

M48, thanks, I had looked at those. The first one is the short plastic version of the sight, and I am after the older longer metal one. The second sight with the two dots is a cheezy 3D printer job. I actually considered them as better than nothing, but then decided to keep looking for the original long metal sight. Who knows, I may be right out of luck. I'm actually hoping that someone might have an old pile of used parts that has spare sight.


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