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Never hear much about taken care of our guns.Tell us how you keep your gun in top, tricks,any new ideas.How often do you clean your barrel.lets hear it folks.

I've only had my gun since last Xmas. According to the user guide I should lube my 1377C after every 250 rounds. I've lubed mine twice so far. I've been looking at air gun cleaning kits. My buddy says to make up my own. I will watch this thread closely for some tips. Thanks for starting it Mike.


PS - I also checked all my screws.  ;)

 Tip 1  I clean my barrel lube moveing parts and check all screws after every 500 shots.

Maintenance?  What's that?   :D

Last I checked the 1377 "Semi-stock" pistol it still looked rather wet when pumping.  Should probably take a closer look when I go to shoot the next set of targets.  Wipe them down with a silicone cloth.  All Co2 cartridges usually get their drop of Pellgun oil when I shoot the .22.  Just like the powder-burning crowd, most have been "silent" (pun intended) in the operation business lately, so everyone is probably due some looks.

After 1500 shots tighten all screws,check opperation of guns safety.check zero on scope or sights.


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