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Ordered a 2-7x32 Scope

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Just ordered this Crosman CenterPoint Adventure Class 2-7x32mm riflescope with dual illuminated reticle for my 1377 .22 Carbine

It's on sale right now so if anyone is interested on lookin for a scope you can check this out.

What do you think about this purchase?

Cross Pistol Packer:
A good scope,I like scopes that dial down to low mag
I have one of JSR scopes,dials down to 1.25x

Center Point a great scope for the money i have 3 of them and they all are nice.  :-*

Centerpoint is putting out some great products these days. The 2 that i own were very easy to zero in and they keep their zero very well.

Great price! SCORE!



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