Author Topic: This is pretty Trick from Crosman - I was wondering what they were going to Cost  (Read 1758 times)

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The MAR177 conversion kit replaces your existing AR/M4 style upper and converts it into a PCP .177 caliber competition air rifle.  Designed to support 10-meter match air rifle competition, the MAR177 is just as well suited for target shooters who are interested in maintaining their same shooting platform. The MAR177 offers shooting at a fraction of the cost of center-fire ammunition.

The gun features a removable 10-round rotary magazine, rifled and choked free floating Lothar Waltherâ„¢ barrel, air-stripper, carry handle and a Picatinny rail system that accepts all mil-spec options for the sight system you prefer.

• Match grade accuracy
• Meets the National Match Air Rifle competition requirements
• Ready for competition out of the box
• Up to 120 shots per fill
• More range time - even indoors
• Low noise and minimal recoil
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The MSRP they listed on the blog during the SHOT show was over $700.

At a gun show in Northern Virginia I went to last weekend, a merchant had a few, but he did not have a price on them.  He only had a sign on them to talk to a salesman. 
I figure we will start seeing reviews for them soon.
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