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Started by mudduck48, October 07, 2012, 04:19:17 AM

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Quote from: WhiteHot on December 31, 2013, 12:47:38 AM
Glad I saw this thread. I joined and the wealth of info is overwhelming. I didn't know what I was missing!

Stick around here long and the only wealth you will have IS all the good info cause, the $spending never stops! :D


Quote from: BDS on January 01, 2014, 12:38:16 AM
Stick around here long and the only wealth you will have IS all the good info cause, the $spending never stops! :D
Amen to that. I just bought my 20th gun on PA today. 20 in the 15 months I have been on the forum. ;D ;D
We need to keep going and have fun doing it.



So, you can clean out your pellet trap every 20 GUNS instead of every 15 mos.  :D ;D


I am not a very talkative guy, but I really enjoy this forum! 8) Everybody has been super cool! :)

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Quote from: mudduck48 on October 07, 2012, 04:19:17 AM
Hi; mudduck48 here. I know you can see me. When you are a "guest" you can only see a small portion of the forum.I know you are looking for answers to your questions about your air gun. I did the same thing. SIGN UP! Then you can see everything and you will be in a group of really nice people. DO IT! It does not cost anything and you will be a lot happier. I know you can see this. DO IT!

You know Ducky, that is still some excellent advice.  Folks should quit trolling, bit the lead slug, and join the CAPOF.


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Quote from: mudduck48 on December 02, 2013, 04:14:16 AM
I have no idea. I see you made it, you are a member. Contact by PM one of these people and they can answer you question. I'm just a peeon. I could not tell you what is going on with the registration.  ??? ???
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Brutuz is the owner, start there and work you way from there. :)
I tried to to the same thing and Brutuz rectified the issue and I'm here (lurking) daily. I really like it here and the wait was worth it!
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Being new here, I am slowly reading all the posts in all the sections,  :-*
will take some time, which I have lots of, being retired  ;)
and then jumped into the Air gun arena from the PB arena.

I forgot just how much FUN it was shooting my QB 79,
G-son and son are looking real hard at AG's also.

Cheaper so far, and quite, ;D,
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We need to keep going and have fun doing it.