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Guests, open letter

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--- Quote from: mudduck48 on December 02, 2013, 04:14:16 AM ---I have no idea. I see you made it, you are a member. Contact by PM one of these people and they can answer you question. I'm just a peeon. I could not tell you what is going on with the registration.  ??? ???
 Brutuz, Cross Pistol Packer, Nate, 1377x, arkmaker, quickster47
Brutuz is the owner, start there and work you way from there. :)

--- End quote ---
I tried to to the same thing and Brutuz rectified the issue and I'm here (lurking) daily. I really like it here and the wait was worth it!

Being new here, I am slowly reading all the posts in all the sections,  :-*
will take some time, which I have lots of, being retired  ;)
and then jumped into the Air gun arena from the PB arena.

I forgot just how much FUN it was shooting my QB 79,
G-son and son are looking real hard at AG's also.

Cheaper so far, and quite, ;D,
Starlings, Magpies and HS are in for a big surprise, now.......


a-up for our Duck :-*



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