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I fear that the wax enters the barrel, ...
Please forgive me for coming in so late, and I'll also apologize for what might be a stoopid question. But ...

Why does the incidental introduction of a small amount of wax in the barrel concern you more than the lead you intentionally introduce? Any wax that does get in the barrel is gone instantly with the first pellet. No?

P.S. I just  checked the gap in my Custom 1740 and it's no where near what yours is. Admittedly though, it's kind of an apple to urchin comparison since I have a Crosman breech. But my barrel is LW.
10 pumps @ 485 ft./s
20 pumps @ 550 ft./s
30 pumps gave me 585 ft./s

All with no air left in reserve.
Ty for responding. The resistance is very light even at 20 pumps. Very smooth action. I’ll chronograph at 10 pumps and will respond back. I think it was around 500fps IIRC.
Your results are about right.  I looked back at my records on a 2289 I tinkered with several years ago.

The 2289 is (was) a 1322 with a barrel 2” longer so that makes it an identical length as yours.  On mine I did strictly simple DIY mods to shim the pump cup and stiffen the plastic OEM piston.  The result was 8.9fpe at 10 pumps vs your 9.8fpe on 20 pumps.  Yours may be producing a bit less than expected but I bet you are getting very little benefit from the additional 10 pumps other than Popeye forearms and accelerated wear on the pump linkage.  What is yours doing with 10 pumps?
Well done! A neat & effective solution.
Whoops. Glad one of us is reading the message lol!  It is 12” indeed.
Thought you said 14" barrel.    ???
I feel like I’m right where I should be with it after seeing that, Craig. Maybe a little short, but I’m running a 12” barrel.
Here is data from my 1322C with FTP, 18" barrel, and SSS (Short Stiff Spring) of 0.045 wire 1.5" long.   Altitude is 5835 feet above seal level.

Pumps   Average FPS    ES         SD        Sea Level Equivalent
6              436.6           1.54     1.00        471.5
10             514.6          5.23     2.44        555.8
15             562.7          1.49      1.00        607.8
20             588.7           3.63     2.00        635.8

EDIT:    Also has Mellon flow-through bolt/probe.
All good, my man. I’ve got an older RWS springer as my primary, but it’s in the midst of getting some much needed maintenance. This build turned into something else as I have been waiting on the RWS to get back lol.
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