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Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Help Please
« Last post by fivestar45 on January 14, 2022, 03:57:13 PM »
A learning curve. Never knew that A R grip frames for the 22xx's were made by two co's.
Glad some other folks chimed in to help you get things figured out.
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Help Please
« Last post by flairgunner77 on January 13, 2022, 06:46:07 PM »
I checked with Blueforks Design. It wasn't their work.  Then went to Crosmods - finally - and there on their triggers page was a picture of my trigger.  So the Crosmods answers win and I was just too slow to look at their web site. Sometimes us old folks are slow learners. So thanks to all who posted.  I'll send Crosmods an email this afternoon and post any updates on the spring.
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Boards quiet or just me?
« Last post by rangerfredbob on January 13, 2022, 03:22:44 AM »
I've been slow on the airgun front for a while, for the last couple years I've been building a workshop on the property which I picked a bad time to build... right now I'm trying to get power to it but catching up on maintenance I've been skipping on since it's a big flat spot with lights and a roof and concrete floor... my only airgunning has been taking out pest birds with my Airgun Venturi Avenger, I think I put a cart through my 1740 last summer though... Once I get my shop permits finalized I'll start settling in more and get work benches set up and get some of my "stuff" in there so I can do more. Right now I just have an extension cord which is enough for lights and some light duty stuff, not enough for my 2hp air compressor... I do have an HPA compressor heading here and a Crosman C362 though, looking forward to that...
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Help Please
« Last post by 1377x on January 13, 2022, 01:21:14 AM »
3rd vote for crosmods
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Help Please
« Last post by crossliner on January 10, 2022, 11:03:13 PM »

I have 2 Blue Fork trigger assemblies.
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: First time posting in a long time
« Last post by Wayne52 on January 10, 2022, 07:46:58 AM »
I've got most of the NOE molds for airguns in .22 and .25 caliber.  Personally I like the 2 cavity brass ones because of quality of the cast however I do have some aluminum molds. The pellet molds come with 3 sets of pins which determine the weight of the pellets.  The designer of most of the molds is Bob Sterne (from Canada) who's a retired mechanical engineer however the manufacturer of the molds is NOE from Utah. Al (Swede) is the owner of NOE and is very easy to get hold of on the phone (especially in the AM hours est) and as of yet they haven't been successful with .177 cal because the cutters are just too fragile and don't hold up. NOE does have a forum too which is nice and very informative for adjusting and taking care of the molds as well.  I think most of the volume he does is for powder burner stuff however he's been doing fair for keeping up with the demands for airgun molds as well.  Usually when people post in the forum enough Al tries to get on top of the biggest demands for different molds for airguns and he always eventually makes more molds.  You really have to watch the website for buying molds closely because the airgun molds sell very fast every time they make a run on them.  They, also make a good assortment of airgun slugs as well.  The only bad mold that I've ever bought from them was the very first one which has long since been discontinued and pretty much every one after that has been a great success since.  I only use 99.9% pure lead for all my airgun stuff which is what they recommend for all their airgun molds, I've tried using commercial pellets melted down but never had much success with them.

NOE forums:

NOE website:
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: First time posting in a long time
« Last post by jkingrph on January 10, 2022, 01:31:24 AM »
Some of you may know that I cast all my own ammo, I recently cast up a bunch of wadcutters and decided to make a label for the tin, I used a large JSB tin after stripping off the original labels.  I was low on the wadcutters so I really needed to cast up a bunch for the snowy winter months coming, I'll still be outdoors as much as possible for squirrel hunting with my pcp's though, I've bought a lot of them since last posting on this forum and really have been having fun with my latest AEA craze.

here's the label

as soon as I get set up to do some indoor shooting (when I get a newer pellet trap) I'll do a video shooting one of my targets with my Ted Williams co2 pistol

I've also gotten a few nice S&W 78G's since I've posted here last as well, very nice guns.

I picked up a couple of those 78's and had them resealed.  Fantastic guns.  I have a S&W M 41  .22LR target pistol and these feel very similar to it .   What kind of molds are you using and where do you purchase them?  How many cavities per mold and how do you make the hollow base.   I have a big 58 cal mold for a Civil War Minie ball, and that is a single cavity job, nose pour with a big insert that has to be removed to get the freshly cast bullet out of the mold( or it comes out when you open the mold and then tap it out of the ball)
I did another numbers shoot target yesterday morning again with my Crosman 150, I'm sitting in an old office chair about 15 feet from the target when I shoot them, I had cast up another bunch of wad cutters the day before and just had to see how they were performing and I was happy with the results.  The cartridge was almost empty when I shot these thirteen shots however with the power dropping I still did pretty good.

You can see that this batch came out really nice, a friend that contracts for the city has been giving me a bunch of lead pipe is what I used to cast these.  The lead is as pure as you can get with hardness at 4BHN.

I've got about 100lbs of 1lb ingots cast up but probably another 150lbs to cut up, melt and cast into more ingots yet, got enough lead to last me a long time.
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Help Please
« Last post by 7624452 on January 09, 2022, 02:53:49 AM »
Looks like it might be a Crosmods lower from around 2010-13.
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Help Please
« Last post by flairgunner77 on January 08, 2022, 11:59:58 PM »
Thanks for the info. I’ve looked at their new website and asked them the question about the trigger. By the way, I’ve separated the grip and trigger. The trigger is milled out of a single block of aluminum - there are no cavities under the sear where that spring could go so you and I and a friend all agree that it has no function where it is. This looks like single stage trigger where you can adjust the trigger length of travel using the Allen headed screw on the top of the trigger. Tight place to work and I’ll have to get a straight Allen wrench to tune the trigger once on the tube. Am I going in the right direction.  Thanks again
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