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Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: pump problem on 1377
Last post by ped - June 10, 2024, 08:47:53 PM
check valve isn't sealing in the valve~strip and clean valve
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / pump problem on 1377
Last post by chucky - June 10, 2024, 11:31:58 AM
Hi All
Hoping for some help and advice.
When i pump my 1377 i get no build up of resistance no matter how many pumps i do, there is air going into to valve but i only get 2ft/lb. if i partially pump the piston and release the handle the piston pushes the cocking lever back towards the muzzle so i assume it is holding air. i then placed the tube complete with valve and piston in place into a bath of water, i pumped the piston and there appeared to be no air bubbles and after a few pumps in the water i could not push the piston and further, really strong resistance.
any ideas what is going on as i cannot get more than 2ft/lb or pump resistance under normal circumstances.
this is a real weird one.
thank in advance.
Pellet Picture Database / Bargain pellet find!
Last post by MoWog72 - May 27, 2024, 09:39:54 PM
Thought I should share my good fortune. Several years ago I used to frequent an awesome surplus store which has since closed. I was able to buy 60+ boxes of Crosman Copperhead (175 count) wadcutter pellets in .22 caliber for $25! Originally discounted to $1.00 a box. I had been shooting them off and on for a while with my now departed Crosman Quest break barrel rifle, and set them aside. They shot okay, but not impressive in my Crosman 1322. I recently came upon a tip to wash and dry dubious lead pellets and lube them with Endust (a dusting/cleaning spray). Boy was I surprised. Having a great time shooting in my basement at 10 yards with my modded 1322.
So, keep your eyes open!
He must have refused it because the Dutch posties work for the customs dept too and collect VAT and import duties before or upon delivering... Sad times.
The continuing saga of my 2300S build...

A relative sent a Cochran Machine Shop stainless steel breech, a stainless barrel band, a stainless steel probe, etc. to Teun Meen in Holland in February, and on Saturday it was sent back to the USA reason unknown. I advised Mr. Meen that the package was on the way and assumed it was received...  I'll have the package sent to be by FedEx and then ship it off to Mr. Meen.

It's probably going to be another month or more before I have the completed pistol. In hindsight I should have purchsed a Feinwerkbau p11 and had a green dot attached to it. ;D
Any suggestions for a rear sight for a Crosman Silhouette 1701P, preferably changing front/rear to peep sights or fiber optic? Or the best iron sight option like the Crosman Williams. TIA!
Took me about 15 seconds to create a picture and post it.  :)

well i see that posting a picture here is absurd i post on 6 or 7 forums and i can do it in a few second here i can't even find the door
it doesn't really matter this forum appears to be almost dead
Quote from: marflow on May 10, 2024, 01:34:13 AMwell i would buy what you don't have and build another pistol
how the hell do you post pictures to this forum i have no clue
well i would buy what you don't have and build another pistol
how the hell do you post pictures to this forum i have no clue