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Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Five Easy Probes
« Last post by CraigH on Today at 02:59:36 AM »
For sure!    Of all topics in all the air gun blogs/forums/etc, this is my favorite!

It is from this topic, back many years as a novice 22xx builder, I decided the hollow probe was the best over all design.   It delivers improved flow over the stock 22xx probe, and more importantly, all pellets are seated to the same depth, and that depth is past the transfer port.
Sorry about the rust... the thing has been sitting in my sunroom for a while, and it gets humid in there.
I need to take this thing apart and re-apply some bluing or paint, and then keep it oiled.
My apologies, I thought you had a steel breech.


Actually it does. Eric gave me a steel breech, and I replaced the old plastic one that didn't work so well.

I'm not sure it's a Crosman breech or whether someone manufactured it though.
It doesn't have the small screw hole that should be just aft of the breech seal port.

What's a Crosman Custom Shop gun?

I suppose that shoe won't fit my older phase-2 1322.

It was like a designer shop Crosman used to have, and where you can order MRODs,13xx, and 22xx guns with different breeches, barrels, grips, stocks, etc...

My apologies, I thought you had a steel breech.

What's a Crosman Custom Shop gun?

I suppose that shoe won't fit my older phase-2 1322.
No, they are not thicker.

If you have  Crosman Custom Shop gun you can order a trigger shoe from Crosman for $5.00

I was able to buy some from them in black and red.

The best-feeling trigger is the Roller Trigger.

I have 4 of them.

Thanks for the response! That's a sweet looking pistol you have there.

I was hoping for a recommend for one of the <$20 triggers though.
This stock trigger is ~1/8 thick overall, but just a tad over that at the tip. And it's quite uncomfortable.

I can't tell if the $13-$14 triggers are thicker than that because David Grimes doesn't say:

I emailed him a couple of days ago, but haven't heard back..
Time to call him again I guess.

I'm looking at the only rear sight that I can find at Archer, but I don't think it fits an old 1322...
Suppose they discontinued the one you mention?

I make “waffle” trigger shoes for my target gun, so I’d say the ribbed Alchemy trigger would be the closest thing.

Archer Airguns had a notch rear sight that was supposed to fit the Crosman breech.

Hey guys,
I'm back from a long hiatus.
Thanks to Eric's contribution of a steel breech, I got my 1322 working decent. Thanks Eric!

Now, years later, I'm back to getting just a little more oomph out of this thing.
I'm fixing to order an RP valve and an adjustable sear spring from Alchemy, but I also want to order a trigger that's more comfortable than the stock trigger.
Which of these triggers is reasonable but more comfortable than that thin stock trigger?

And can you tell me where I might find a better rear sight than the plastic one? It's easily bumped out of place.
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