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Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Crosman 2300S custom shop trigger
« Last post by KevinP on July 11, 2022, 02:04:07 PM »
WOW Frank.... a little harsh perhaps ?  ???
Directed at you and everyone else who thinks their opinion counts.
I do not read reviews on products I order and I don’t care what or who someone thinks is the best at something.
I personally don’t care one iota what others think.

If this statement was directed to me, then you might want to try VA grips for comparison.

I find Corcoran grips just OK in fit and finish--nothing special.

In fact, I still have a pair in my parts box.

I personally don’t care one iota what others think.
Big fan of Don Cothran triggers:

I gave away 2 pairs of Corcoran grips to 2 individuals.

They're nice but far from equal to VA grips.

There was even an AGN guy who said that his VA grips are comparable/better to/than his ultra expensive German Rink/Formgriffe grips.
Very nice.
From Vernon Austin.

I have a couple of his, and they are works of art.

He makes the best-fitting grips, and I do own some from the other popular maker in Texas (?).

No comparison, really.
Nice pistol cross liner!  Where did you get the grips?  Dave B
I have the that very combo: Super Sear and stainless Son Cothran Roller Trigger.

It’s a very light single-stage with no grit and slack.

My build with the Super Sear and DC Roller Trigger.

Well, almost all of the parts are DC:

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