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Seems I could use some very thin washers for the 2240 steel breech screw. Sometimes its finicky to load pellets without some small wiggling because the small hex screw is slightly recessed in the screw hole. There is someone in the UK selling a pack for $20 with shipping. Anyone know where to source these a bit more locally and economically? I've read about the candle wax trick but don't want to do that. I tried mucking with some tiny 2mm outer diameter washers to bring them up to 7/64" inner diameter but it was still too thick! Seems the hole is just 3/16 diameter and the small hex bolt is 7/64 diameter.

"Washers for Crosman 2240 2250 Steel Plastic Breech Screw" Link:

UPDATE: Seems my standby electronics online store might have what's needed. part RPC9899-ND: .21 each, 4.99 USPS shipping. 2500+ In-stock. Details: Nylon FLAT WASHER, .110 ID, .170 OD. .51mm thick (vs. .73mm for the metal washer that was too thick). 1 washer should do it...though there's some chance it will still be too high, but seems about right and it's compressible nylon and easily sand-able to make thinner

Nice batch !! They should keep you busy for a while .. :-*
Not sure on the quality of the picture between my cheap phone camera and resizing it, but here they are...

Upon further inspection the 1377 has a broken bolt handle but I'm sure I have a spare like any good CAPOF member should... The Hy-Score is a .22 model and looks to be in good shape...

I saw that about Crosshairs, sad to see, I didn't need what I just got let alone more :), with building a shop over the last year and buying a used jet boat and the wife a new to us used car I'm kinda tapped out...
Welcome back. You might want to try to get a hold of Crosshairs. He is selling his whole collection. :(
Thats great, awaiting photos
Welcome back and congrats on the purchase  :-*
There was an auction yesterday and couldn't help myself, overpaid a little but not by much I don't think... $143 for all of the below:

Hy-Score model 800 with box (box in somewhat rough shape)
Marksman Repeater
1377, serial is april of 2011
Healthways Plainsman
Crosman 150

All in decent condition, also some vintage BB's and a couple packs of vintage pellets...

Not a smoking deal but what is currently... I was really close to a Crosman 167 but I didn't want to go to $100, and there was a Benjamin .177 pumper that went over $100 too... firearms went for stupid money as to be expected currently so I didn't play that game...

I'll see about pictures of the lot tomorrow, I don't have it in me tonight.

I haven't forgotten about CAPOF, I still have all of my stuff, I've just been working on building a shop for myself and keeping all of my mechanical junk working and my land upkept... Once I have power to the shop I'll build a office out there and a loft so I can get me a work area...
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: The PRod Came (Used but new to me)
« Last post by RetatCDude on September 24, 2021, 07:02:18 PM »
Ran some pellets across the chronograph today.
Haven’t touched the TP or added a bStaley yet.
So 24 shots from 2800-1500 is the norm with HS 6CW and HT 0CW..
15fpe for all pellets except for the RWS 14.0 WC: 14.6fpe.
Crosman advertises 700fps for the PRod and this one shoots 685fps with Discovery 14.3
The PRod I had before I bumped up the spring, enlarged the TP and ran a four o-ring BHB (bStaley).
This one feels pretty nice the way it is.
Placed a sliver of rubber between the back on the receiver and the top of the handgrip part of the stock.
That stops the wobble very well.
I think I got a good deal from the AA Classifieds…$200.00 delivered..
I took the shroud (and TKO) from the 1720T as well as the forearm and stock that I was using there and put on the PRod.
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: The PRod Came (Used but new to me)
« Last post by mr007s on September 24, 2021, 03:13:36 PM »
I have always liked that carbon fiber look! Nice catch.
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: The PRod Came (Used but new to me)
« Last post by CraigH on September 24, 2021, 01:58:30 PM »

I very much like mine.    It is my go to pester.
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