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Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: 1322 and Walmart
« Last post by Tater on Today at 12:02:39 PM »
I can't believe this was six years ago!   :o

My 1322 still shoots great, I still get it out now and again.

The holster is still holding up fine.

My oldest grandson just turned five, won't be long before he will "need" one.  :P

Very cool!
Heck yeah. We are enjoying it.

Think i may have created a monters. He got all the parts out and put the other 22xx together with the bnm repeater breech, ss valve, tuned trigger group. He is haveing a ball with all the parts.
They are no more, sir.

Mr007 used to make them.

I was fortunate to get 1 in stainless too:

Looks awesome! I have to get me one of those end caps with the wings on it. Does anyone sell them in black?
One of my 22xx has a Burris FastFire too.

I find their big base screw ugly. The Vortex Venom's look cleaner.
Thanks Mulie,

I bought my triggers from Alliance Hobby - both came with new machined hammers that are appropriate for each type (American Classic pumper vs. 2300KT with hidden screw steel breech). I do not know who else sells this stuff or makes hammers but I am 100% satisfied with their service.

I tried to shoot a 1-hole group yesterday and I got close but I guess my old eyes aint what they used to be...

But still fun to shoot groups, and squirrels...

Group on right is close, group on left I adjusted the Fastfire down and probably got a little lazy on the trigger. 5-shot groups.

Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: The Ultimate Crosman CO2 pistol
« Last post by Mulie on Yesterday at 08:01:34 AM »
Just a little caution.  If you install a Marauder pistol trigger assembly, you will also need to change out the hammer.  Be sure the replacement hammer has a notch for the little breech screw in the 2300KT steel breech.  If the hammer doesn't have a notch cut in it, it will hit the screw and won't fire, and it will damage the screw.. FWIW
Lucky/good you were able to keep close to your son through deployment, ect.  Sounds like you guys are tight.  Have fun & enjoy, kids don't last for long.  Next thing you know they are adults.  Enjoy while you can. :)
 :-*  It doesn't get much better than that. 
Thanks all. He has been working on a laminate wood stock for it this morning while i was doing all the trimming and edging. Now while it dries he is mowing.

We are calling this the summer of man. Its the first summer ive had off since 1990 and he just turned 14 so we are killing it. So far we have built him a crazy nice computer from scratch. He saved his pennies, birthday money from grandparents and we gave him the cash we were going to spend on a computer for him then ordered all the parts from that thing has been stomping zombies with authority.

We have poured a section of driveway, put part of a border arou d the pool deck, and he has taken over the mowing duties.

He used the bonuses from the extra work to get himself a 3d printer. That thing is impresskve for $300 bucks!

We hit a nascar race over in daytona, the coke 400. Been getting out on the water once a week trying to get a tarpon or snook but no luck yet. Got a nice shark.

Taught him to drive the boat and my truck. And the list gos on and on. Tons of hard labor and technical work going on and are both enjoying the heck out of it. And it all payed off when he looked at me and said dad im glad you retired, its nice hanging out with all the time.
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