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they write free shipping to France, and I simulated a shipping to belgium and it works....nothing listed for Nederland....
At armurerie auxerre It is always Free shipping if you buy at least €150....
do not call them on phone since It is an expensive call number, they answer Mail though....
"contactez nous par e-mail" link at the bottom of the page.... or "contact" link....

It is a "destockage" (those crosman do not sell very well in France) Maybe a negociation would work by e-mail...
On the french forum, nobody bought any 1701P for years....
Thank you Nogolem, I an certainly falling in love with shooting this gun. I am still trapped indoors at 10M. I can not wait for the spring  weather to arrive.

Dang, that 399 Euros is of $450 USD!
 Wonder what shipping would be from here to there?
Thanks for sharing  :-*

Ticked the "Notify me of replies." box as this is interesting and allways have been keen on this pistol but to cough up that amount allways kept me from buying it. Who know what happens..... But for now... they are asking 1 euro shy of 500 Euro in the Netherlands, that's app 560 US $  :-X

Enjoy your new pistol (congrats) and have fun and please keep sharing.  :-*
€ 379,05 As listed today not counting shipping from France until tomorrow 22/03
(there is a 5% off to add until tomorrow : promo code PROMO5 ) EXPENSIVE in Europe! :
Armurerie Auxerre is one of the biggest in France, I am quite sure they ship in Europe......
Your grip are beautiful and It is very difficult for us to buy those since GMAC stopped selling Wood grips...

I understand that nothing is metric here ? No chance for us french to find this choice of screws....
lucky you americans !
plus, most of switch plates here are snaped in and not screwed in....
 >:( >:(
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: pumping question 1322
« Last post by nogolem on Today at 03:32:47 PM »
As questions come to lubricants, It becomes complicated for me to understand...
On our side of the channel, they say on the french forum that anything petroleum based would eat the rings...
I have the black/blue pump/valve from GMAC's which is fitted with an O'ring.... I admit I used tons of pellgun oil because It was written that It is good for crosman pumpers... but I discovered It is made from petroleum...
Now I read It gunges the valve... Maybe I'm good for opening everything....
where I'm a bit lost, even on the french forum each person has it's own advice/brand coming to lubricants....
Please help !
merci beaucoup all !
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Front Sight on 2300S
« Last post by nogolem on Today at 02:53:23 PM »
good idea
bravo !
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Preferred pellets
« Last post by Wayne52 on March 14, 2019, 12:59:50 PM »
I cast my own .22's and .25's.  The only pellets I buy are for my .177's.  I've put literally thousands of my 19.6 grain cast meplats through my Crosman 150's this winter.  As a matter of fact I just emptied one of my targets for my 99% pure lead pellets to be re-melted.  The five yard group is typical of an off hand group sitting in an office chair at 15ft with the Crosman 150's.  The day before yesterday I was out hunting with my Airmax Dominator on the state land and I nailed a crow @ 60-70yds with one of my Hunter Magnums that are 23 grain.

Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Preferred pellets
« Last post by RetatCDude on March 12, 2019, 02:28:01 PM »
For serious work (FT)I use AA/JSB.
Everything else.
Crosman 7.9 & 10.5, and I mean by the thousands..

I see Crosman has a new 19.0 grain .22.
Should be great..
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Preferred pellets
« Last post by Multigunner on March 12, 2019, 11:15:25 AM »
Well I've found that Beeman coated wad cutters group best of any pellet I've tried in my .177 cal airguns, both pump up and CO2 powered rifles and pistols.
Crosman air pistol - General discussion / Re: Preferred pellets
« Last post by Jimbo on March 12, 2019, 01:08:55 AM »
I will do that, they also are very accurate in my marauder, once I have it dialed in on paper I'm done so I will only use them on vermin :-*
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