Started by RetatCDude, September 27, 2021, 09:14:58 PM

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I have my (new to me) PRod and am it getting outfitted the way I want it.
I had a combination flashlight/laser on one of my Marauder rifles and thought I would like it on the PRod.
I found a clamp (ebay) that clamps onto the air tube.
It has rubber inside to protect the tube and prevent sliding.
It uses thumbscrews though.
I would like an Allen head or TORX.
Looks good...
Crosman 2300s
Crosman 2240XL


I have a similar one on my 1077 - believe it's a Gamo. Laser holds the zero real well, and the flashlight is decent out to about 15 yards. I'll have to get it out of the safe to take a look at the mount.


It is kinda neat.
The screws are plastic (They have got to go).
But I like it..
Crosman 2300s
Crosman 2240XL