Boards quiet or just me?

Started by Rualert, December 31, 2021, 12:27:32 AM

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I say welcome to Colorado, but advisedly so, because the state is quite different from when I arrived.

We have a small, loosely form, group of airgunners here formed by monkeydad and myself.   Joe is the ramrod of the group these days.
Lone Tree, Colorado

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Airguns are at least as popular as they have ever been. There is such a myriad of brands and calibers and powerplants now, so that may be part of the issue for CAPOF: Not as many CROSMAN PISTOL OWNERS as a percentage of the total. Best way to have an active forum community is to participate more regularly. I have been lax / guilty of that as well. I intend to drop in more frequently.
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I haven't been shooting my airguns for months. A bad reaction to my second Covid vaccine jab severely weakened my right arm from shoulder down.
Apparently the volunteer who administered that shot nicked a tendon and probably a nerve. Turns out mine was not a rare reaction. My first and third shots caused no problems.
I began working on regaining strength by shooting my old target bows, which was far from easy but allowed me to judge my progress.

With the weather as lousy as it has been I probably won't be shooting either pellets or arrows much till spring has firmly sprung.

I can continue my exercises by drawing the bow a number of times without loosing the string. Never dry fire a bow since it can damage or even shatter the limbs.

I've probably bought all the airguns I need for a long time to come. I need to reseal a few that I've put on the back burner for far too long.
My fair size collection of classic vintage and custom handguns and rifles is good enough for my purposes, all have proven highly accurate and capable of greater range and power than I expected.

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One of the forums I was on died no one was posting on the BSA owners forum such a shame  as the back log of information guns going back to Lincoln Gefries and the  birth of BSA Air rifles just hope that  Tom saved all that info as for me I stand guilty as charged for not posting but in my defence I lost my wife to the big C and the intended  operation I had a pre op for 20/2/21 was cancelled  so no more clay shooting at my club and no more shooting of AA pro sport hw 95 un less bench rest shooting which doesn't rock my boat I like to walk around kneel ore sit on the ground lean  against a tree shooting nock down targets spinners
Chalk targets like the little guys you can get on ebay but then salvation came started shooting my crosmans again which I include in that the smk19 which is a copy  of the quest great light wait springer I thought to my self why are crosmans guns so addictive flip me  ive got two 2240 two 1377s bolt and rear cocker a 2250b 2250xt 2250xl when we get the 2240xl this side of the pond won't be long before he comes to join me and the rest of the guy's
ATB everone
Ps forgot the 357