Want to join ????????????

Started by Brutuz, October 13, 2013, 02:29:19 PM

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Hello my name is Bert, a.k.a. Brutuz

Want to join us??

Please read the topics in this section of the board first before you hit the register link

Send your application to CapofAPL@gmail.com including the user-name you would like

Also, at least mention country and if possible state or county or town

No need to write a letter, the above basics will do just fine

Registration time varies, sometimes within 24hrs, sometimes it takes more than a week, please be patient

Please check your spam-folder as sometimes a confirmation stating your application has been approved and needs to be activated ends up in your spam-folder....

Thanks and sorry you can't register yourself on-line, a lot of spoof registration requests made me take this step.

Note: our emails to juno.com accounts bounce and earthlink.net causes problems too
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