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Started by Nate, March 11, 2011, 03:35:20 PM

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as i have posted in many of your post relating to scopes, i think ill fialy do a post about how to use your tactical turrets on your scope.

tactical turrets in my opinion are the most useful feature on a scope, if you do not have tactical turrets on your scope this post wont be very useful to you, if you do have them, this will make a world of diference in your hunting or target shooting at varying ranges.

all of the scopes i use for serious shooting have tactical turrets on them, i dont buy scopes that dont have them for that purpose anymore. if you have a trajectory chart, i made one using this you can use the numbers and lines on your turrets to adjust for diferent ranges you have on your chart. this is why tactical turrets are so important.

on these turrets there are numbers (1,2,3,4 ect...) between each of these numbers are 3 lines. each  the 4 clicks between each number are known as minutes. each minute is 1" at 100 yds if you know how far your target is you can use the chart to adjust your elevation (up and down) for the given range. so if the chart is saying 1:3, you need to go up one minute and 3 clicks, or 7 clicks. the number in fron of the collon is the number of complete minutes, and the number to the right is the number of individual clicks between mintes. the calculator i posted a link to also calculates how much wind drift you will have with whatever wind value you choose.

to set your zero ( i dont mean sighting in the scope) all scopes with tactical turrets have either a screw on top of the turret, or on the side to move the numbers, without moving the turret itself, you can set the numbers on 0, which should be where your rifle is sighted in for what range you usualy shoot at, so that you can easily return you rifle to the standard zero after you have adjusted for longer or shorter ranges. with standard turrets this is very dificult because you have to remember how many clicks you went up or down.

hopefuly this helps some of you out there that shoot at varying distances, this is also very helpful with hunting because your targets will always be at diferent ranges

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Hey Nate, that is some very useful information and much appreciated.  Thanks for taking the time to post this as it is quite helpful.


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Very informative. Thanks for explaining it in a way a dunce like me can understand!  :-*

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