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Flow thru bolt for the 2300T from Chris Mellon. Since I got the trigger under a pound, it's the go to plinker...


I sold one of my shiny 22xx/17xx/PROD offset adapters to one of my friends, as he had to have one, so it is not in the photo  :)

Hoosier Daddy

Wow... long time no visit.  :-[

Clear back on Nov 27th I crossed another pistol off my "bucket list".
Finally found a 600 I could afford.
It was listed as working but when I received it and loaded a fresh cart it hisses and leaks out fast.
The seller treated me very well, gave me his phone number to help me out.
Tried it cocked and un-cocked, tried unscrewing the end cap quickly... no use.
He even offered to refund, but in all honesty, this thing is in such nice shape I want to keep it and get it up and running.
I doubt I will find another for the price.

So this brings me back to CAPOF to research just how hard these 600's are to work on. SO MANY say they are easily damaged by the unfamiliar.
1377, 1740, H9A, 1701P, "2060" carbine.... plus a whole lot more ;)


Pellets from Pyramid Air. Shipped Fed slow 3/19 still no delivery date.  Fed Ex from there is extremely slow, much worse than USPS.


Ordered a Steve Corcoran PROD set.

Now I can compare them with Vernon Austin's when they arrive.


Frankly, I am not really much into red, but this set was available.


UPS is supposed to deliver a 2300s direct from Crosman tomorrow. Tracking showed it about half way this a.m. Have pellets and a couple dozen CO2 carts waiting on it.  :)


Got the Steve Corcoran PROD set today:


Vernon Austin + Don Cothran + powdercoated grip frames:

The matching Steve Corcoran forearms are not done yet and are still being subjected to final sanding and oiling:


The Forest Camo PROD forearm is not mine actually, only the Crossbones and the Blue Angel.

I don't have them yet, but I was sent these photos by Mr. Corcoran.

I should have them this week or the next  :-*

Oh, there is also a 13xx pump arm in Blue Angel that I ordered from him but is not included in the photo.


"Money is like fertilizer: When it's hoarded, it stinks. When spread around, cool stuff grows." John Densmore, drummer of The Doors

Crosman 1377, 1322, 1325, 1750, 2250 and 2540, Benjamin Steroid 392, IB QB78D, Avanti/Daisy 853, Slavia 634.


Thank you, Noah sir.

Crosmans/Benjamins are far from perfect, but I do my best to make them so.

They are cheap, so I don't expect them to be perfect.

The parts for these builds will be nickel plated or Gunkoted in silver, and yes, I don't mind spending hundreds of $ for my toys.

For the amount I have spent on modding I could have gotten myself a FWB or an Anschutz (those are perfect), but I want to create something I would be proud of  :-*


Fed Ex delivered two Crosman 2240xl's today.  I had planned on some mods, so already had a trigger unit with a supersear and roller trigger, so quickly installed it in one of them, and put a Hawke red dot on.  Went out and hit a soda can at 30 yards first shot, It did need a little tweaking as impact point was a little to the left off the dot, but a few minutes and a paper target fixed that.  Pretty good I think considering I had cataract surgery about two weeks ago, and things are still a little fuzzy

I have a 1701p trigger unit ready for the other and a Lothar Walther .177 barrel to go on the other. I have a LPA rear sight and a muzzle brake type for the front, so will start on it tomorrow, and a .177 bolt ready for it also.  I

I wanted the steel breech so this worked out more economical than buying a standard 2240 and then a breech to swap out. 

Next project will be what will be a 2203s but in .22 cal. Just waiting for a barrel.


Ordered another silver Japan-made 3-9x32 AO Clearidge scope to match my next silver build   :)

I like my 1st one very much.

It is light, good-looking, and clear  :-*

I hate large scopes with big heads   ???

Still waiting for the Meopta Optika5 to be in stock, particularly the rimfire 2-10x42 side focus with Z-Plus reticle.

Been waiting for that one for months  ???


Have to unwrap the rest of the box's contents from Mr. Steve Corcoran: